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Life is challenging????

Life isn't all about eating and sleeping. I think I am quite okay compare to other people but yes I have been running through difficulties like others at some point of my life. I wonder if one can do what others are doing too but not many of us are able to. Today I worked as lecturer and my job is to teach but then it is different for the others.

For some life is traveling around world and visiting places they like and explore. For some it is begging everyday and earn to eat one time food. For some it is wrestling, boxing, body building and want to gain name and fame.  For some becoming leader and politician working for the country. For some it is all about praying, meditating and working for the others good. For some it is all about business making money. For some looking for a girl friend and boy friend to date and enjoy. Some landing on the moon and mars finding what is there.

to be continued and writing after long time. please follow me as I am back.
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