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MR. Pema Wangchuk
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Institute of Language & Culture Studies  
Rigzhung Thorim Lobdra
P.O. Box # 505
Trongsa, Bhutan
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Tel: 00-975- 77190111
Mobile: 00-975-17718201.                                                              

Date of Birth:      02-07-1988
Place of Birth:    Gonong, Lauri, Daifam, S/Jongkhar, Bhutan                                                                          
Nationality:         Bhutanese
Gender:                 Male
Marital Status:    Unmarried                                                                                       

Objectives: Sincerely interested and committed to serve the TsA-       
                   WA- SUM .

1995-200:        Class I-V
                      Zangthi Community School,
                       Louri, Samjong, Bhutan.

2001:               Class VI
                       Bhutan Common Examination
                       Louri Primary School
                       Louri, Samjong, Bhutan.

2002-2003:     Class VIII
                        Lower Secondary School Certificate examination
                        Minjiwoong Lower Secondasy School,
                        Serthi, Daifam, Samjong, Bhutan.

2004-2005:      Class X
                        Bhutan Certificate of Seconadary Education Examination.
                        Jigme Sherubling Higher Secondary School,
                        Khaling, Trashigang, Bhutan.

2006-2007:      Class XII
                        Two years certificate course in language and culture
                         Institute of Language and Cultural Studies,                                    
                         Semtokha, Thimphu, Bhutan.

2008- 2011:        B.A Language and Culture   
                         Institute of Language and Cultural Studies,                                  
                          Semtokha, Thimphu, Bhutan.

2012-2014-   Two Years Certificate Course in Hindustani Classical Vocal
                      Sangit Bhavana
                      Institute of Music, Dance and Drama
                      Visva Bharati University.

2012-2014-  M.A in Indo-Tibetan Studies( Buddhist Philosophy)
                     Institute of Language and Culture
                     Visva-Bharati University.
                     West Bengal.    

Personal abilities
 §  Sincere, hard working, passionate, highly organized and dedicated to work with strong work ethics and professional attitude towards work.
§  Able to take initiative independently and motivate colleagues, co-workers and subordinates.
§  Able to take on challenging tasks with fortitude and confidence.
§  Able to perform multiple assignments under pressure and consistently meet deadlines.
§  Able to sacrifice time for the good cause and passionate too.
§  Able to sing, dance and musician too.
§  Able to do translation work.

Language skills
§  Excellent oral communication skills and written skills in Dzongkha, the national language.
§  Good written and oral communication skills in English.
§  Can read and write Sanskrit language.
§  Can compose and compile writings
§  Tibetan understand, read and write
§  Nepali and Hindi understand and speak.

Computer skills
§  MS Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.
§  Adobe Photoshop.
§  Dzongkha Unicode.
§  Dzongkha Linux.
§  Blog and HTML

Social/other interest
·         Reading – interested in all subjects and genres. 
·         Outdoor activities – hiking, sports, etc.

·         Preservation activities of environment.
·         Interest in Learning/ preaching.
·         Group work.
·         Research.
·         Community service.
·         Dancing, singing and compose song.

·         In taking initiative.

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