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Adopted sister vis-a-vis Girlfriend.

The term Adopted is an adjective which means legally taken by another to be looking after by him or her. So which mean Adopted sister is the one whom you adopt or adopt by a sister as a brother to be look and help each other as their own sister or brother. But then this world is full of chaos and negative thinker even the one who adopt other to be his/her brother or sister. Somebody rightly quoted that negative people think negative. A story goes …… It was in 2010, Wangchukla was a 2nd year student of ILCS Semtokha popularly known as Rigzhung Lobdra. Wangchukla was good boy somehow in helping other but never interested in love affairs and adopting. He already got an adopted sister when he was in class ten. He was good student and always used to top the class. So may be that year was bad luck or good luck by chance for him. After a week new comers’ student who joined Rigzhung he found out there was one girl who always used to observe him. Wangchukla used to sit on the bottom line with…