Friday, December 7, 2012

Never Trust People for they Love their own Business.

 I remembered while I was studying in class 12 at Semtokha, where my Architecture Lopen Phub Tshering told us “Never trust people, they love business.” I never think of it or realized or listen to him at that time. But as of today I think he was right.

Should I trust my relatives because ………..? 

I did not face that much problem before I was employed. After I was employed then started many things which I will write in the following lines. Immediately after I was employed in October 2011, at the very beginning where I worked only three, four days I got a called from my cousin sister saying that she need 10,000 Nu. I told her I have no money and I haven’t paid my salary yet which I have just started my job this month. So what happen after that?  She called my parent saying that she feed me and had given a lot of money during my school days which otherwise she could have been rich if she had not spend that for my expenditure. I should say I ate a food and stayed in her house during my holidays but never give me money. It is not that I am not going to look after them. I always have sense of gratitude in my mind which I will repay one day. I was speechless but I came to know that they were feeding me just because they want money not the family relationship.

And should I trust my own brothers???     

This year it was in June where my own brother, from a same blood and family, came for a break to stay with me. I was so sad that he never slept in my house and eats with us. I came to know he had girl friend that was living nearby and I just scolded him saying that please first study and not to run after girls. He said no and he nearly beat me. He took his luggage and went away saying that he don’t want anything from me. Don’t think you look after me. You have never looked after me. I gave him Rs. 3000 but he left saying that he had borrowed the money from his friend. He called parents saying that brother is not giving me money but he is giving money to cousin who is not from a same blood where I got nice scolding from my parents. I never understand this life, I wonder if these things are happening with other friends and people around the world.

should I trust my own Adopted Sister,My great mistake in life, ///////  When I was studying in BA 1st year, at Semtokha, I met a girl named youngmin( name change) who adopted me as her brother. I thought we have a karmic relation in our past lives as I believe in Law of causality and accepted her as my sister. I gave everything she asked although i din't have anything. I sacrificed a lot to give my best effort to her like my own sister and I taught her keeping my studies aside. I even beat her and made a productive girl where she is pursuing her BA in ILCS, Trongsa, today. 

Now this December 15 2013 is the day where she is going home and she was asking money. I told her I will tell my friends out there at ILCS to give you money but she was asking money from her parents too where I received call from her mother. Then I just want to talk with her why she needs money through cell but she doesn’t want to talk with me. I think her mother scolded her. I received a message saying that “don’t try to build a wall between me and my parents. I don’t want your favor anymore. Thanks for till now. Don’t worry about me I can get to my home without money. Sorry for giving you burden till now. Don’t promise anything if you don’t have a heart to give. Will not call you because as I am finishing your money. Take care and thanks for all.” I was very sad to go through this message. I feel like giving up my life. I was angry, frustrated, and sad and I don’t know what I am doing. 

Thank you so much my adopted sister who was running after my money. You want to be sister if I give you money and do not want to be my sister if I didn't give you money. I realized today only that your heart is harder than stone and black like a crow but your beauty face is of no use. You love your own business and my money not your brother. You shattered my every part of dream. I only regret I beat you and I have waste my time and energy in helping you where I could have been do lots of my other work.

Dear Chechey......I am not saying you are wrong and you are bad but you might have definitely something to say in this regards. So if you happen to visit my blog please share and leave comments.

I forgive u, but I never forget what is said and done.

I am a Buddhist and I understand this is the nature of Samsara. This illusory world and the sentient beings were born out of Karma. Our action and the lives which we lead at present solely depend on what we have done at past lives, and what we do at present life will be the result of future lives. And believe me the relation of cause and effect of action is inevitable or genuine. If we plant peas then it will grow peas only not mango tree.  Be good do good and help other.  /\ /\ /\

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanking god

Everyday I scan my brain looking for ideas to write some articles. I want to write something and make it a habit. I don’t care what my writing turns out to be. I am not a William Shakespeare penning Romeo and Juliet nor a Ben Johnson inventing a dictionary. I am just stupid and foolish ordinary guys who don’t know anything. I am writing to thank god for giving me a stupid brain which makes me work hard and have a fruits of it.
Mountains are white with snow and beauty descends with the snowflakes. River is crystal clear as it moves down through rough valleys and beauty lays swimming in it. Forest is green with rich vegetation and beauty lies in the multitude of animals. World is full of flora and faunas and the beauty is the creature living in it. I thank god for giving me a beautiful world.
Many things are sold in a market. I look at my wallet which contains limited money. So I make a choice between my needs and wants. Thank you for giving me limited means so that I become a wise spender.

I was born in a poor family in remote area. I and my family survive by laboring for others. Thank you god for giving me poor parents. Now I understand the destitute and hardship of life. I could work hard and leading happy life. My children must never face such a problem.
You gave me ugly physique of which I feel uncomfortable most of the time. You made me fall in love with a most wonderful girl. After three years of a happy relationship you gave her to another man who was fairer than me. Thank you for taking her away from me. It taught me that the heart of women is more secret than her looks.

Thank you god, with your blessing I got a descent job and today I am standing proudly in front of my friends as a lecturer in ILCS. And my life journey never struck as it is moving smoothly whatever the things I want to do and the path I want to walk.

I have many things to thank you for. Thank you for a good king and give him a long life. Do not let the people who help me die before I can repay them. Do not let those I hate die before we forgive one another. Let people be judge by our true hearts and service to sentient beings. May our world have ever lasting peace.   
                           Tashi Delek

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