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Thanking god

Everyday I scan my brain looking for ideas to write some articles. I want to write something and make it a habit. I don’t care what my writing turns out to be. I am not a William Shakespeare penning Romeo and Juliet nor a Ben Johnson inventing a dictionary. I am just stupid and foolish ordinary guys who don’t know anything. I am writing to thank god for giving me a stupid brain which makes me work hard and have a fruits of it.
Mountains are white with snow and beauty descends with the snowflakes. River is crystal clear as it moves down through rough valleys and beauty lays swimming in it. Forest is green with rich vegetation and beauty lies in the multitude of animals. World is full of flora and faunas and the beauty is the creature living in it. I thank god for giving me a beautiful world.
Many things are sold in a market. I look at my wallet which contains limited money. So I make a choice between my needs and wants. Thank you for giving me limited means so that I become a wise spender.

I was born in a poor family in remote area. I and my family survive by laboring for others. Thank you god for giving me poor parents. Now I understand the destitute and hardship of life. I could work hard and leading happy life. My children must never face such a problem.
You gave me ugly physique of which I feel uncomfortable most of the time. You made me fall in love with a most wonderful girl. After three years of a happy relationship you gave her to another man who was fairer than me. Thank you for taking her away from me. It taught me that the heart of women is more secret than her looks.

Thank you god, with your blessing I got a descent job and today I am standing proudly in front of my friends as a lecturer in ILCS. And my life journey never struck as it is moving smoothly whatever the things I want to do and the path I want to walk.

I have many things to thank you for. Thank you for a good king and give him a long life. Do not let the people who help me die before I can repay them. Do not let those I hate die before we forgive one another. Let people be judge by our true hearts and service to sentient beings. May our world have ever lasting peace.   
                           Tashi Delek


  1. Faith to Almighty is something which I always resort; it gives me more hope and more encouragement.
    Nice post Keep writing jaro....

  2. Great post brother and a great thanking too. Keep up the same spirit of praying to the Gods for blessings and be mindful of what you are doing. That is all but Dharma, I believe...! Keep posting

  3. Thanks Ata Tempa and Jaro. I will try my best la


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