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Adopted sister vis-a-vis Girlfriend.

The term Adopted is an adjective which means legally taken by another to be looking after by him or her. So which mean Adopted sister is the one whom you adopt or adopt by a sister as a brother to be look and help each other as their own sister or brother. But then this world is full of chaos and negative thinker even the one who adopt other to be his/her brother or sister. Somebody rightly quoted that negative people think negative. A story goes ……
It was in 2010, Wangchukla was a 2nd year student of ILCS Semtokha popularly known as Rigzhung Lobdra. Wangchukla was good boy somehow in helping other but never interested in love affairs and adopting. He already got an adopted sister when he was in class ten. He was good student and always used to top the class. So may be that year was bad luck or good luck by chance for him. After a week new comers’ student who joined Rigzhung he found out there was one girl who always used to observe him. Wangchukla used to sit on the bottom line with Prayer Captain while praying and he discovered that, that girl very much interested in prayer following him each and every step of the prayer, how I clap my hand and pronounce mantra. He never knows who she was and he never gave damn to ask who she was.

One fine morning, he was walking to his class and was stopped by the sound Ata. When he turned he found out that girl with her friend waiting for me. He told her if any problem. Yes she told him she always clap double while praying and want to know why was that and he was made to taught some mantra pronunciation. This was the first time they met and talked. From that day she always used to smile to him when they met on the way and prayer. Day passed by one night Wangchukla got a called from new number and it was her asking doubt of Tibetan Grammar text. He wondered as he didn’t give his number to her but it was his friend they gave to her as she was asking. He wrote it in a piece of paper about her doubt on grammar and he gave it to her the next day.

Day by day they became frank and Wangchukla helped her in every possible way.Wangchukla discovered she was having loose character, using drugs, drinking and smoking but wangchukla asked her problem and helped her to solve and she became good girl studying following wangchuklas advice. Then it was midterm break she went home for vacation and talked with her parent that Wangchukla helped her a lot.

It was in September wangchukla was made to receive that girls parent phones which they told him it was good you are helping our daughter and we are happy. We parents want you to adopt you as her brother. On that day wangchukla reluctantly became adopted brother of that girl. Ya wangchukla was good boy. He used to take care of her as his own sister and teach her a lot keeping his studies aside. He even beat his adopted sister for involving in nonsense things.
One day wangchukla got sms from adopted sister which read, ‘brother my friend says, you love me lol. Is it true’?  He answered her ‘no, it isn’t true. Those people are jealous of us and trying to defame us, just do not listen to them. Everything will be fine Sister’. He knows her sister was innocent and young not knowing what is wrong or right. She passes out class 12 and I was even called to their home. Till her result were declared wangchukla used to get lots of call from her and her parent but after declaration of result he never get any call from them. Anyway wangchukla kept their relation as it is accepting every fault.

So their relation last till 2012 when wangchukla was upset with his sister involving in nonsense things. Her father told him to tell him if she does nonsense thing and he do inform him but Alas! God ////////??????. She told her father and mother that he was not adopted brother but was a boyfriend to her. He loved me very much and wants to marry me, that is why he is helping her a lot. So Wangchukla got good scolding her parents but he was not wrong. Although he tried to explain but they were not listening believing on what their daughter says. Wangchukla thereafter was totally depressed but with a smile he said all is well, thank god. Now they are totally disconnected. Wangchukla called them but not receiving and they never call back. It is almost a year now.

So by analyzing above story, my question here is…..
1)      There should not be a love between brother and sister.
2)      Love is only between lovers and not to others.
3)      How do you define the term love
4)      Is wangchukla or that girl is right
5)      Do our parent should believe in whatever their son or daughter told them.
6)      There should not be any problem between Adopted brother and sister.
Let me know your opinion here ……….la 


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