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I can ride cycle now.

After my coming for study in India I have to do everything and work equally like what other do. I never thought of riding cycle when I am coming from Bhutan. Actually I am used to for walking as if it is in Bhutan. The distance between my department and hostel in my university seems very short to me and I always walked. Sometime I have to run when I am late and sometime my friend they help in carrying me. After a month here in the university I met one Tibetan friend who is kind enough to me who always want me to learn cycle and he always carry me. I never listen to him saying that I will walk as I am young and energetic.
One day I slept late because I have class test and I study till late night. That morning I was in deep sleep and when I woke up I was late. I don’t know what to do as I am late for my class test. Then after quick washing of my face I ran to department and luckily there wasn’t professor. From that day to my mind it came up that I should learn cycle. I know everybody stare at me at a road side while I am walking and make fun of me. I requested my friend to teach me although there wasn’t much more time for my main exam. In three days I could ride cycle but I never get confident in riding on the highway.
After my exam I got a friend from Bhutan here for some work and he taught me how to ride cycle. We always have some hour spend on practice every day. One day we went near railway station where I first took my riding cycle on the highway. Nothing happen and I got confident. He took me to main market once where nothing happen that day also.
Today was the day where my real learning of cycle took place. I was riding cycle on the highway for second time with full of confidents that I can do it. Unfortunately today I fall off from my cycle and thank god nothing happen to me other than some scratches on my knee. I remembered when I was in school my Director always say that you will never learn cycle until and unless you fall off twice or thrice. I was just wondering it should happen while I am learning but it was after I learned to ride cycle. I realize this was because of our carelessness when you are confident and I never fall of while learning because I was so careful during those times that I will fall off. It was lesson for me too that I should not be carelessness.
However now I have learned to ride cycle and it is easy for me. I don’t have to walk and it saves my time. Thank you so much for my two friends who taught me to ride cycle and thank you for those friends who help me in carrying till now. Thank you all and I will cherish this moment for life time.


  1. Its pretty good that you learnt to cycle. But be careful on the high ways ..:P

  2. Good that you learned cycling....i also took a long time to learn...jimba's phone is still switched off..could not contact

  3. thanks jaro and ata tempa and i will follow that la


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