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Happy Teachers’ Day

There you stand with a dusty chalk
Imparting the truth untold,
Fondling each one’s future
Discovering the newness in old tale
You are great a human being,
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Like a candle
In the midnight’s blind,
Like a torch
In the solid darkness,
You are a luminous guide,
Happy Teachers’ Day!

From the life buried beneath
To the horizon’s blissful rays,
From the road unknown
To the world’s most travelled
You have propelled me,
An expert driver!
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Up atop the mountain’s pinnacle
I see the beatific snows melting,
Deep down within my innocent heart
A perennial breeze whistling
Fluttering the words you taught me,
You are such a great liberator
Happy Teachers’ Day!

The window to the east
Adorns with the golden rays first
Each disciple you face
Receives the wisdom first
And I was the first for you,
A lighter like you
Happy Teachers’ Day!


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Life is challenging????

Life isn't all about eating and sleeping. I think I am quite okay compare to other people but yes I have been running through difficulties like others at some point of my life. I wonder if one can do what others are doing too but not many of us are able to. Today I worked as lecturer and my job is to teach but then it is different for the others.

For some life is traveling around world and visiting places they like and explore. For some it is begging everyday and earn to eat one time food. For some it is wrestling, boxing, body building and want to gain name and fame.  For some becoming leader and politician working for the country. For some it is all about praying, meditating and working for the others good. For some it is all about business making money. For some looking for a girl friend and boy friend to date and enjoy. Some landing on the moon and mars finding what is there.

to be continued and writing after long time. please follow me as I am back.

Buli Tulku Biography

A brief Biography of Buli Tulku: the Linage of 
Terton Dorji Lingpa... Taken from Kinga 
Jigdrel Singye Chholling Monastery
page .

From the time of the historical Buddha to the present day, unbroken succession of great beings have achieved enlightenment and have dedicated themselves to teaching others the path that leads to awakening. Buddhism was brought from India to Tibet over several generations, starting with King Songtsen Gampo in the 6th century, and was finally established as the state religion under the King Trisong Detsen in the 8th century. In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a widespread tradition of recognizing the reincarnations of highly realized teachers. Such incarnations are known as Tulkus. They take rebirth out of compassion, and to carry on the responsibilities of their previous incarnations. Thus, Buli Tulku is one of such reincarnated Tulkus and had passed several lineages. 

1. Phagpa Magapa: Buli Tulku, Lama Sonam Loday was born as a Legdrup at Tsang Nenmo in Kham, China …