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" You never knows how much your country and home town means to you until and unless you are abroad for many years"

Ever since I got my scholarship on April 2012 I was bit happy that I will now study abroad. Everybody praised me except some who hate me wants me to withdraw as that was not my relevant subject.I came to India on 22 August on a flight till Kolkota and from there by taxi where i don't know any dialects of India. I was then dropped by taxi in front of my university central library. No one comes to get me and I was left for some hours like a statue standing there. Finally I met one international student studying in same institute who could arranged everything for me.

Now the day began, where I went to class without any idea of where my class was. Everything was difficult for me. It is not like Bhutan. Nobody helps you but they make fun of you instead. I don't know what to do. University did not care about you whether you are a foreigners or any other.I can only say that here everything is different.

From this day I started realized that how much your country is for you. Every time and second i felt like crying as i was missing Bhutan and my home town.I left my parents and dear and near ones also but more than that i missed my country. Now I loved my country so much as i do never before. Your country means a lot to you.

So my dear friends let us never complain of our country Bhutan but cherish that Drukyul is the peaceful and happiest country in the world. Our culture, Geography and everything is much better compare to other country. Thanks to Guru Rimpoche, Zhabdrung, linage of His Majesty, Fourth Druk Gyalpo and Fifth king that our country is very peaceful and happy under your benevolence guardian. 



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