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My father has always been in my life, from the day I first opened my eyes to the present moment. He is a teacher, a guide, and a source of strength and support. He is whom I look up to with loving trust and pride. With a willing hand to lend, he is a helper, an adviser and my partner in everything. He showed me the stars and taught me how to reach them. My father suffers to give me a good life from the beginningless time of my birth. I have two sisters and one brother in total we are six in the family. My father suffers a lot to bring up four of us.

From the first day of kindergarten to this very day, he reminds me to always “work hard at my studies.” This is why I strive to do well in school. My dad not only influences me through his actions, but also influences me through his words. He has taught me a great deal about life. I was not fit to study in class pp because of my age but my father put me in school making the duplicate birth certificate. My father will beat me if I didn’t go to school. Every time he will come with me some kilometer with a nettle plan to see me off.

My father went to worked in the mountain top of Champenla where he cut tree leafs and sale it to the shopkeeper and earn money where he brought some rice to eat for our family. He carries marijuna suffering day and night for the family survival and inorder  to spend on our education expenditure. Also my father used to carry bamboo roofing for other and earned some money for me to go to school. During summer time my father used to go for uprooting Churuta which we called khalu which he earned some money from it. He has no feelings of uneasy under the rain and hot sun. Instead he will laugh and move on with the work. 
He has gone through many hardships to bring up all of us and there isn’t road and anything in my village where my father had to carry everything on his head. In a mean time all the hairs have gone. That is why my father is without hair on his head today. Thank you so much my father where he has given up everything for us. My hardships are nothing compared to the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I am today. My father always provided me with the necessities in life: food, clothing, shelter, and so much more. He sacrificed himself so I can have more than he ever had. He has given me so much, including the most important thing in the world: all of his love. For instance, he told me with his smiling face that “study hard and be a Dasho one day, don’t lead a life like us but where you could sit on the chair and earned. I didn’t expect anything from you all but if you lead a happy life that is enough”.  

My father also influences the way I approach life. I have gained not only knowledge, but have applied his teachings to my life. Because of the example he has set for me, my father has provided the steppingstone I need to achieve my goals so that I can lead a happy and successful life. He may not be a firefighter, an astronaut or a brain surgeon – he is a simple man – yet he has left the greatest impact on me although he is uneducated. My father is the individual who has influenced me the most and is the greatest gift I have ever received.
In Buddhism it says we can’t repay our parent if you carry them on the scale and make one round around the world but Thank you for being in my life, a true father who loves and cares about me.
                                    LOVE YOU ALWAYS MY FATHER.


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