Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Master Programme?????

It was unexpected that I got it when RCSC declared the result of Nehru Wangchuck Scholarship for master programme on 22 April 2012. I know I had done my interview very well but worried as there are many other candidate who are elder to me and well experience and also in the service for many year.  I came for master, undergraduate course study in India on 22 August 2012. I choose Visva-Bharati University, Birbhum, West Bengal. I sat here with the new hopes, new environment, new professor, new hostel and new university. Everything was new for me. I have a great dream; desire and thirst for my studies and to be experience everything for my good cause. I have lots of expectation from this Mater Programme.
My Master programme is in the field of Buddhist Philosophy. Everybody discourage me and look down on this subject. One of my colleagues says that there are many Buddhist philosophers in Bhutan and why do you want to go to master in this field. Some say master means to make money. You can go to third country and in a mean time you can make lot of money. I was totally mess up than.
I did not listen to them and I am not a child where I could not make my decision own. I will never listen to them as I know they are trying to fool me. I did not have any American dream but I do have the Indian dream not to make money but to study. I choose India as India ranks the best in the world in terms of studies.
Now I am done with my first semester and I feel I had learned a lot not only in the field of academics but other things too. I had learned and experience many things which I could contribute to my institute and a small country like Bhutan.
Thank you Indian government for the scholarship scheme for me, thank you Bhutan government especially RCSC who equally support and manage my scholarship and thank you the royal university of Bhutan and institute if language and culture studies for providing me the opportunities for the scholarship and free payment of my salary although I am not teaching or present there. I salute and hat off to all the organizer, Director and faculty member of Nehru-wangchuk Scholarship centre. Thank you one in all.
I promise to do my best and serve you the best  druk tsa-wa-su

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