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Synopsis & Review on Serial Autumn in My Heart.

Autumn in my heart is a Korean serial movie directed by Yoon Suk Hoan and produced by Yoon Hong Sik  which is a heart touching movie of Endless Love. Yoon Joon-suh and Yoon Eun-suh grew up as siblings but Eun-suh was in fact from a different family as there was a mixed up at the hospital where she was born. The switch came to light when Eun-suh was involved in a car accident and it was discovered that her blood type was different from her parents. Eun-suh's life took a complete turn when the 2 girls were returned to their respective families. Soon after, the Yoon family left for the States and Eun-suh was left living in disgusting condition with her real family in Korea. Years after, Joon-suh returned to Korea and by chance the two former siblings were reunited.
The story is this. Two siblings, Yoon Joon-Suh and Yoon Eun-Suh, are very close. They love each other very much to the point that both the brother and sister stick together like glue. It's rare to see them separated unless in school and even there, it's hard not to see that they'll always be together. In addition to the love they have for each other, they have the love of their lovely wealthy parents. They are the children of a rich professor. On the other hand Choi Shin-ae can only dream of a life like Yuh Jun-Suh and Yuh Eun-Suh, however, her life is their complete opposite. Her brother is a thief and her mother owns a restaurant and is abusive towards her because of their financial problems created by her older brother and her deceased father. Shin-ae, unlike Eun-suh, is the smartest student in the class even though her life is so unbearable.

And then Eun-Suh got into an accident, and in the result of the blood transfusion, they discover that they are not siblings after all. There's been an accidental baby switch in the hospital. Eun-Suh is actually the daughter of a very poor and very troubled family.  Eun-suh and Joon-suh and Eun-suh's world completely changes. And Shin-ae's life is also completely changed after Eun-suh's doctor reveals her blood matches neither her mother nor her fathers. So then they decided to switch the children back and cut all ties to one another. I mean, after raising a child for 15 years, you suddenly cut all ties to that said child and just switch them back as easy as that? Really? Following that revelation, a heart wrenching separation occurs and even later, the introduction of “forbidden love.’’ After switching back the child Yoon Joon Suh family left states where Eun-suh is left behind with her real parent. What will happen to Jun-suh and Eun-suh's glue-like relationship?

Years pass, and both siblings are now grown up. After Yoo Joon Suh return from states they meet again through chance and become close, then fall in love. But they pretend that they are just a close sibling to everyone else. Eun-Suh even calls him brother. But certainly it's not a melodrama without conflict. The parents were against them, Joon-Suh’s girlfriend threatened to commit suicide; Han Tae-seok tried to get close to Eun-Suh, and then in between Eun-suh caught illness called Leukimia, a cancer. Soon after three month Ensue died since doctor could not transplant bone marrow as it was late. However she died at the back of her lover where he also commit suicide. All in all, there's a LOT of crying in this drama. It's exhausting. They died. They both died. How great.

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I couldn't help but cry a lot during this drama. The story was sad and moving. It made me feel like everyone can overcome all obstacles as long as you stick together. Of course the romance in the drama can be considered "forbidden love" but it's really a love you wish could be accepted. It was beautifully played. With so much affection from all the characters, the realization of wrong, and the wishing that the past could be changed, created a story was very good.

There was innocence, concern, anger, revenge; there was everything in this drama and each character's personality was portrayed perfectly. Eun-suh had a very innocent and pure look to her and she was unbelievably sweet in her role. Each time she shed a tear, I found myself shedding one too. If I'm correct, this is the actress's first major role in a drama and I was not left disappointed. Eun-suh’s ability in the story really moved me. Apart from being incredibly handsome, Jun-suh showed great acting. You could see the emotions in his face and you could see his confusion and desire to be with the one he truly loved. Han Tae-seok without a doubt was a brilliant and gorgeous. I feel in love with his generosity and his willingness to let the woman he loved go to give her happiness. Enough with the characters I loved…now for the ones I HATED! Who played as Shin-ae was so good at being the villain, I just hated her (in this case it's a good thing)! When she was jealous, you hated her, when she acted in revenge, you hated her, when she showed up and opened her mouth, you hated her! I hated her and damn, she played a good villain! The next one was Jun-suh's fianc√© Shin Yu-mi she pissed me off trying to destroy a love that could not be imperfect in the past. Her ways to keep her man from leaving her were just plain wrong, but it did bring more drama to the story.

The drama was 16 episodes. Which in each episodes you are moved by the drama. Autumn Tale provided good drama and romance. I was really rooting for the love between characters to be accepted regardless of how wrong it may have been in the eyes of society. The love triangle that was established was well focused on and there weren't many interruptions from another character to make it confusing or less serious (emotionally). The problems the characters faced brought a lot of drama to the story. But it was good drama, the kind that will cause you to use up about half of your tissue box. Since the drama is sorrowful, the background music played well with the drama and blended in with the season, autumn. The music is morose and smooth that even without watching the drama, you feel depressed listening to it because your imagination (at least mine) goes off on tangents with glimpses of sorrow.

I liked this drama. It really moved me since the story dealt with "forbidden love." The two characters were beautiful together and the fact that their being together made other people in their lives uncomfortable made me feel that they should keep fighting! I'd recommend this for the ladies. This drama is a bit sentimental; if you know what I mean, so get those tissues ready. I would recommend the guys to watch this with their girlfriends because it'd be pretty interesting but the turn off is that the girls might expect too much from the guys afterwards, remarks such as, "Why can't you be more like him?" or something of the sort might be thrown out there. Guys probably wouldn't want to be compared it.


  1. 'Autumn In My Heart' is one of such touching serial which let movie watcher cries silently and painfully.
    I too cried a lot watching this movie. Last holiday i noticed one of my friend was crying in her office watching the same Serial. It's really touching....keep posting...


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