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Buli Tulku Biography

A brief Biography of Buli Tulku: the Linage of 
Terton Dorji Lingpa... Taken from Kinga 
Jigdrel Singye Chholling Monastery  
page .

From the time of the historical Buddha to the present day, unbroken succession of great beings have achieved enlightenment and have dedicated themselves to teaching others the path that leads to awakening. Buddhism was brought from India to Tibet over several generations, starting with King Songtsen Gampo in the 6th century, and was finally established as the state religion under the King Trisong Detsen in the 8th century. In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a widespread tradition of recognizing the reincarnations of highly realized teachers. Such incarnations are known as Tulkus. They take rebirth out of compassion, and to carry on the responsibilities of their previous incarnations. Thus, Buli Tulku is one of such reincarnated Tulkus and had passed several lineages. 

1. Phagpa Magapa: Buli Tulku, Lama Sonam Loday was born as a Legdrup at Tsang Nenmo in Kham, China (Tibet). He was popularly known as Phagpa Magapa, one among the 17 disciples of Mongal Bu (Disciple of Lord Buddha).

2. Yuldra Ningpo: In the place called Gyelmo Tshowarow in Kham, China (Tibet), he was again born as Yildra Ningpo and said to have received teaching from Beru Lama. He had excelled in meditation and said to have demonstrated his attainment in meditation to Guru Rimpoche.

3. Choeying Rangdrol: Also from China (Tibet), venerable Choeying Rangdrol was recognized as one of the incarnations of Dorji Lingpa. As prophesied by his father, he travelled to Haa, Paro, Trongsa and arrived at Bumthang Chumey in Bhutan. He settled in there, established Buli Lhendrup Choeling, and taught Dorling.

4. Choeying Lhendrup: He was then born in the place called Kela Yshe and named as a Choeying Lhendrup.

5. Kencho Gyeltshen: After Choeying Lhendrup, he was born as Kencho Gyeltshen in Trongsa Chendy. 

6. Tenzin Namgyel: Rinpoche after Kencho Gyeltshen was born as Tenzin Namgyel. He was born in Bumthang Gyeltshe.

7. Sherub Jungney: Then Rinpoche was born in Kela Ney and he was known as Sherub Jungney.

8. Shacha Namgyel: He was again born in Kela Ney and named as Shacha Namgyel. Jigme Namgyel, father of the First King of Bhutan at the age of 15 travelled to Trongsa and said to have met then Buli Tulku Shacha Namgyel. Rimpoche had not only helped him to find job as Tongsa Lopen’s Tozep but also assisted him financially and sent his servant Dendup to reach him till Tongsa Dzong.

Buli Tulku became a pillar of the Dorling system and a seemingly inexhaustible source of Dorling teachings.

9. Khachap Dorji: The 9th incarnation of Buli Tulku was born in the Dungkhar and Peling Dunjud family. His father, Pema Tashi was from Dunkhar Dunjud and mother Kuenzang Choden from Peling Dungjud.

At the age of 14, he received teaching from Kunga Gyeltshen and mastered Doring Khilkor and Chodkhor. He then moved to Shale Pang, Gatshelo, Wangdi Phodrang at the age of 15 and at 19 he completed receiving innumerable spiritual teachings.
He later settled at Aja Ney received teaching from Principal Teachers from Tibet like Setu Rimpoche, 15th Karmapa, Shacha Sheri and Kuenzang Jigme Thinley. He established Dungkhar Choeling as per the instruction of his root teachers. He closely worked with Bhutanese Rinpoches, like Genkha Rinpoche and Sefu Lama Jurmey Tshewang Dorji. He passed away at the age of 50 in 1940 at Ajaney in Mongar.

10. Venerable Sonam Loday: Born in 1949 (15th day, 10th Month of the Bhutanese Calendar) with auspicious sign at Kurtoe Yogpaling Yoeselchoeling Lakhang. At the age of five, he learned and knew numerous spiritual teachings. He received innumerable teachers from his root teachers like Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Wangthang Rinpoche, Kalu Rinpoche, Choeying Rinpoche, Sonam Zangpo, Dungsey Thinley Norbu Rinpoche and many more. He travelled to China (Tibet) and Dejong to learn astrology.

He then moved to Kalimpong in India and stayed there for many years with Deojum Rinpoche. It was Deojum Rimpoche who gave Lama’s current name Sonam Loday. He then moved to Tashigang Yonphula as per the instruction by Deojum Rimpoche and stayed there with Lama Karpo for many years.

In 1990, he moved to Zangthey and established Kinga Jigdrel Singye Chholling Monastery, Lauri Geog, Jomotshangkha Dungkhag under Samdrupjongkhar district in Bhutan. He has about 80 monks including nuns and 8 meditation centers (Gomdeys) encompassing one at Arunarchal Pradesh in India and one in Tashiyangthse (Phagpa Magapa Gomdey). More than 300 Tshampas (practitioners) have completed three years contemplation until date and currently has about 50 practitioners under going meditation

He has all the signs on his body proving himself as a true reincarnation of Phagpa Magapa and Yuda Ningpo as per text reading (Threma Prayer Book), page No. 11. He studied with our present Jekhenpo and Gyeltshen Tulku under Mema Lama. Buli Tulku Sonam Loday, thus, proves that he is a genuine Tulku.


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